Don’t let your new house put you in the poor house.  See how much you can afford. For a more complete picture of your total payment, use the Mortgage tab. This tab will include your escrow payments. An escrow payment is the part of your monthly payment that goes into an account (called an escrow account) to pay your property taxes and insurance when they are due on a yearly basis.


Purchase Price 150,000

  • Down Payment 10%
  • Mortgage Term 30 Years
  • Interest Rate 4%
  • Property Taxes 2,700/year
  • Insurance 1,000/year
  • PMI .00 (Fluctuates based on loan program)
  • Total Monthly Payment 952.84


  • 644.51 – Goes toward your principle and interest
  • 225.00 – Goes into escrow account for your property taxes
  • 83.33 – Goes into escrow account for your insurance