Our Story

Let’s be honest: when it comes to public perception of real estate agents, most fall somewhere between used car salesmen and loan shark. Unfortunately this less than stellar association occasionally holds merit. It was an experience with just such an agent that lead to the creation of Signal Real Estate. After being poorly represented while selling her home, Paige realized the need for a ‘service-centric’ real estate agency in Jacksonville. She acquired her license in 2005, and founded Signal Real Estate in 2011.

Dena Atkins

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(904) 910-9085

Leena Blair

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(904) 525-2735

Patrick Hill

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(904) 295-2467

Alicia Arnold

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(904) 504-2087

Kristsine Exton

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(904) 563-6868

Paige Gnann

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(904) 534-7215

Veronica Gunson

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(904) 888-0562

Paige Kruger

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(904) 838-3701

Kirstin Kruger

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(904) 234-0029

Tom Nirmaier

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(386) 931-8631

Genaro Ocasio

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(904) 305-5784

Tracey Robertson

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(904) 563-4675

Julie Davidson

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(904) 891-1700

Naser Music

Commercial Broker Assistant
(904) 771-2500

Eldric Sconiers

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(904) 759-2164

Wendy Young

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(904) 514-9187

Juie Jenkins

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(904) 386-6121

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The key to any good relationship is communication. At Signal Real Estate,we’re all about good relationships. So contact us on your terms.